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Felhívás a szerbiai "the 7 th International Medical Student’ Congress"-re , 2012.


It Is a great honor to invite You to the 7 th International Medical Student’s Congress in Novi Sad that will be help on July 19-22, 2012, within the Faculty of Medical Sciences, in Novi Sad, Serbia.


IMSNS- International Medical Student’s Congress in Novi Sad – as annual event, is oriented on cooperation whit Universities and faculties of biomedical sciences all over the word. This multidisciplinary scientific event will welcome students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and healthcare students and molecular biology. During 4 days – congress participants will have opportunity to present their scientific work, meet each other, exhange ideas and make friendships.


The IMSCNS is an official project of EMSA – Novi Sad which is supported by EMSA – Europe, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Novi Sad and Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.


You can register and look for more information at   . We are delighted to invited You to participate in this event, exhange your scientific proficiencies and have a good time!


Deadline for abstract submission is MAY 14th 2012.